The BlackTails


Spy Lounge

The BlackTails  - Spies always tell the Truth

The first and finest Spy Jam Band in Gotham City!  

†  William "The Cat" Catanzaro  † "Fender" Fredi Meli  †  Derek "El Gretcho" Landel  † Peter "Fox" Farrell  †  Frank "Rayo" Romeo  † Kevin "Suave" Danenberg


The BlackTails met in Spy College where they used to pass time listening to Miles Davis and Steve Ray Vaughan while watching Pulp Fiction. Having nothing better to do they created a Spy Band with the intention to tour the world and do espionage.  They accomplished strenuous missions while rockin' every joint. They became a world class act. The BlackTails can jam, jazz, rock, and spy with swiftness, celerity and gusto. They could be in  your area right now, be ALERT!