The BlackTails



Peter "Fox" Farrell - Keys-Hammond XK-3c Organ-Accordion-Vocals

From Puerto Rico via Tokyo and NY Peter nails the Philly sound!!!

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Tokyo (11 years) and schooled at traditional boarding schools in the UK, Farrell brings an international flavor to his spy music. He is an expert baccarat player, gathering critical intelligence at the world's high stake casinos.

Derek "El Gretcho" Landel - Drums

Berklee College of Music drummer extraordinaire!!!

Hailing from the great state of NJ, home of great spies like Kalixto Lanza and Uber Niber,  Derek graduated from Syracuse University where he founded the band "Professor Spy Spoon" which won the 1993 Spy SAMMY Award for Best College Band. He leads a double life as a drummer spy and father.

"Fender" Fredi Meli - Fender Bass, 5 String and Double Bass

Berklee College of Music Mr Bass awesomeness!!!

Swiss national Fredi Meli spent many of his formative years writing and touring throughout Europe posing as a musician before he came to the US to study at Berklee College where he built his American roots performing and learning his first Spy skills. Over the years his work has been featured on TV, in Off Off Broadway productions and he is a regular at top session gigs in NYC and shady bars, a mole that burrows deeper than any bass.

Frank "Rayo" Romeo - Electric guitar

Mr Epic guitar player amazing genius!!!

The only real musician in the band. Classically and “scene” trained throughout the country in the 1970’s through the present day, Frank Romeo presents a mix of Fusion, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical threads which meander through his original playing tapestry. Having played with Percy Jones and studied with Rolando Blain, Bill Connors, Wayne Krantz and Manuel Barrueco, Romeo has been able to fuse his style with that of the BlackTails, making a musical mixologist’s dream a fantastic reality. He is curiously effortless at slashing with his axe.

Kevin "Suave" Danenberg - Alto sax

Suave on the sax, jams like a gem!!!

He was the first spy to enter the Purple Cow Spy Academy in Lindburg Oklahoma at the age of 3. He graduated Magna Cum Spyder 2 years later at the age of 5 but nobody ever knew that, that's why he's such a great spy. When not building spy gadgets, he's analyzing the intelligence for actionable data and identifying enemy weak points. Congratulations Suave!

William "The Cat" Catanzaro - Percussion-Gadgets-Vocals

From Argentina, William knows how to shake it!!!

William is an eclectic and famously unknown composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Buenos Aires and based in New York since the Disco era. Mr. Catanzaro's work has received many awards and worldwide recognition, he has composed musical scores for world renowned choreographers, Off Broadway productions, multimedia shows and film. All of his scores contain hidden messages, so hidden that no one understands them and they have never been decoded. Perhaps future generations will be able to crack this code. In the meantime we'll keep listening, and as he always says: " Jolly good, carry on, pay no mind."