The BlackTails

The BlackTails  - "The finest Spy Band in Gotham City"

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

Peter "Fox" Farrell

William "The Cat" Catanzaro

Derek "El Gretcho" Landel

Kevin "Suave" Danenberg

Nick "Dapper" Morrison

Jocko "Nordic" MacNelly

Jack "Black" Morer

Fredi "Fender" Meli  

Frank "Rayo" Romeo  

David "Gutsy Gibson" Blacker

Shoko "Ninja" Tamai

 The BlackTails met in Spy College where they passed time listening to Miles Davis and Steve Ray Vaughan, watching  Semper  Occultus M16-007 films and reading  IX Century Spy Novels. With the intention to tour the world and do espionage they created a Spy Band ®. They accomplished strenuous missions while rockin' every joint. They became a world class act. The BlackTails can jam, jazz, rock, and spy with swiftness, celerity and gusto. They could be in  your area right now, be on the lookout.


"Be a good listener, a good observer and keep quiet"